Where to Start

Learn where to start, what HTML and CSS are, and how to use them to make a web page.

You don't know what HTML files or HTML tags are, or why they are needed:
See what HTML is to learn how files, tags and attributes make up HTML.
You know that you need a HTML file, but don't know what to put in it:
See which essential tags are needed to create your first web page.
You have created a page, but it looks empty and you want to add things to it:
View some examples or see some basic tags that you can add.
Your new page looks a little dull or boring, and you want to get creative:
Find out how style sheets or text formatting tags can change how elements look.
Your blog has some text and a few links, but you want to display something neatly:
Check out how lists or tables can be used to structure data on a page.
You've heard about HTML, but don't know what CSS is or where it fits:
See What is CSS to learn how style sheets can change how a page looks.
You've been shown some HTML code, and want to understand the tags used:
See the HTML Cheat Sheet to learn how style sheets can change how a page looks.
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