Special HTML Characters

There are a number of special characters that are reserved by the HTML language, which will not appear correctly unless you use the tags below, or the ISO codes.

Tag Start - &lt; - <
Less-Than symbol, usually used to define the start of an actual HTML tag.
Tag End - &gt; - >
Greater-Than symbol, used to declare the end of each tag.
Quotation Marks - &quot; - "
As the name says: to mark a quote, or in html terms: to declare the value of a tag attribute.
Ampersand - &amp; - &
It is used to define the start of all special character tags, so it needs a special charachter tag itself.
Non Breaking Space - &nbsp;
A space, a plain ordinary space (like when you press the spacebar). The non-breaking part is relevant because multiple spaces in HTML will only show up as one space on your web page. This tag can be used many times in a row to force the web browser to display many spaces on the web page.
Copyright - &copy; - ©
Copyright indicates ownership of intellectual property. See copyright defined on Wikipedia.
Trademark - &trade; - ™
Declares a product name or images as business trademark that is not yet registered.
Registered - &reg; - ®
Used to indicate that a product or business trademark that is officially registered.
One Half - &frac12; - ½
Fraction symbol for One Half (0.5) of some other value.
Degree - &deg; - °
The degree symbol is used to represent temperature or angular measurements.

ISO 8859-1 Codes

There are many other special characters that can be shown on web pages, each of which has a special code known as an ISO code.

See the full list of ISO 8859-1 Codes for displaying special characters in HTML.