Header Size 1

Header Size 3

The Next Line of example text should be in the middle of the document

Bold Text, Italic Text, and underlined text.

Font size = 5
Font Face = Arial
Font Colour = Red

Normal Text, Subscript text, More Normal Text, Supersrpit Text

Text in Emphasis
Text in Strong
Text in citation

This is preformatted text (using the PRE) tag
	as it appears in the editor
    view the source code and you will
		notice that there are no tags until here.
	It is dsiplayed the exact way that its been
  set out in the editor. If required the font can be changed
	like this using
      the FONT FACE= tag.
This text falls within the blockquote tag
This text should appear as if it has been typed by a typewriter

The fine print (small text)

--- End Of Example ---

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