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Frames are an extremely important part of HTML. They allow you to have multiple files open on separate parts of the page. You will notice that this page has a navigation bar and a header, then there is this part, where all the info goes. To achieve this, you would use frames. When using frames you need an index.html file which is where you define the frames and their properties. Each frame "links" to another .html file which contains the data you want in that frame.

Example on Frames: Click Here to open the example below in an new window

<TITLE>The Title</TITLE>
  <FRAME NAME="top" SRC="top.html">
  <FRAMESET COLS="40,*,40">
    <FRAME NAME="left" SRC="left.html">
    <FRAME NAME="middle" SRC="middle.html">
    <FRAME NAME="right" SRC="right.html">
    Whatever you want to say to people who cant see frames

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